Benefits of Solar Energy

The major benefit of going solar is helping the environment.  The benefits of helping the environment far outweigh any lingering doubts you may have about installing a system.

Reducing Waste and Pollution:

In order to get the fuels necessary for electricity, we rely on fossil fuels, most of which is coal.  The wastes produced in mining coal have a major impact on the pollution in our atmosphere.  Emissions from mining such as Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide have a damaging effect on our water, air and land (including the crops we grow).  Think of all the waste produced during mining, storing, transporting coal that could be avoided if we all went solar at home or work.

Conserving Fossil Fuels:

The amount of electricity homes and businesses use is expected to increase steadily in the foreseeable future.  Think of all the electrical gadgets that are in use today in the home and business that weren’t around 20 or 30 years ago.  Fossil fuels and other natural resources are finite and are rapidly diminishing.  Demand cannot keep up with the fossil fuel and natural resources available.  Not only is the increase in electricity use affecting fossil fuels and other natural resources, the explosive growth population around the world is also having an effect.  Because demand is increasing at an alarming rate, conservation of resources is more important that ever.  We all can do our part by going green where ever possible.  Adding solar energy to your home or business is an easy way to contribute to the conservation of fossil fuels and other natural energy resources.

Making a Smart Financial Investment Now:

Because the conservation of fossil fuels and other natural resources is such an important issue, federal, state and some local agencies are giving great incentives to get homeowners and businesses to join the conservation bandwagon.  Utility companies are also part of the financial incentives.  These incentives not only encourage you to go green, they actually drastically reduce the cost of a solar system making it more affordable now that ever.